Edwin Honig Bibliography


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Poems recently published in magazines:

"Arising at Mount San Angelo", Harvard Review, No. 6, Spring 1994, p. 49

"God Talk" and "Imaginary Loves", Agni 33, 1991, pp. 224-228

"The Old New War", in After the Storm, Poems on the Persian Gulf War, ed. J. Meek and F.D. Reeve. Maisonneuve Press,1992, pp. 51-52

"Origins of the Universe" amd"Blame Me" in Alea, n.2, Winter 1992, pp. 106-109

"History of the Book", Newport Review, v.3n.3 (summer 1994), p.20

Twelve poems, and three poems from Pessoa,in: The Age of Koestler, ed. N.P. Kogon. Kalamazoo, MI: Practices ofthe Wind, 1994

"Chapter in the Life Of", Alea, n.4, Spring-Summer 1995, pp.25-29

"A Late Visit to Robert Graves", Agni 29, 1990, pp.241-242

"Two Poems of Miguel Hernandez"[trans. from Spanish], Alea, n.3, Fall 1993, p. 88-91

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